My Papers

Sustainable lives – What will sustainable lifestyles look like?

This paper was published by the Sustainable Development Commission under my authorship and it summarises the 10 principles of sustainable lifestyles. My narrative on sustainable lifestyles is more detailed.

SDC Sustainable lives (539.8 KB)

You are what you sell – product roadmapping: driving sustainability

It was in this publication that as commissioner of the Sustainable Development Commission I first wrote about the ‘if products could talk’ concept. This report also includes a practical 12 point checklist to help companies develop their own product stories.

SDC Product Road Map Booklet (610.8 KB)

BSR – The new frontier in sustainability – the business opportunity in tackling sustainable consumption

With sustainable consumption as a central tenet, this publication explores how innovation, collaboration, education and measurement can reorient core business activities related to product design, consumer engagement, use and end of use.

BSR – The new frontier in sustainability (1.1 MB)