My SPL roles

Alan Knight presenting the 2011 Southampton City Lecture

Following Alan’s appointment as Environmental Sustainability Director at the Business in the Community in March 2012, he will no longer be working with corporate clients as Single Planet Living, but he will continue his public policy and not for profit work and he will also continue to be available for speaking events and presentations.

The following section gives a flavour of Alan’s expertise and his experience as founder of Single Planet Living.

Delivering fast track one or two day sustainability context workshops

If creating a full blown SD strategy is too daunting or too time consuming, the one or two day reviews I have developed help directors and managers understand how sustainability is relevant to them and how they can contribute to sustainable lifestyles in their day to day work.  This can be an assessment carried out by myself or at a structured workshop involving key team players.

Mentoring senior management

Day to day financial, operational and personnel pressures often push sustainability considerations down the ‘things to do’ list.  I can help as an expert advisor by mentoring relevant senior managers on a short or long term basis.

Coaching for SD/CSR professionals

Sustainable development is a relatively new profession and it has evolved substantively from philanthropy and corporate responsibility.  Even well trained and effective SD and CSR professionals would benefit from someone who has undertaken similar roles but who can also offer a robust independent perspective.

Presentations – standard or tailored

Over the years I have developed a series of speeches or presentations and without being too big headed, they have both entertained and informed – ‘a practical, lively and integration of dilemma and solution options’ is one quote which encapsulates the nature of my presentations.  I have delivered over 1,000 speeches in over 30 countries. Presentations can be tailor-made and I only last year I developed bespoke presentations for the Marine Stewardship Council, the Oil Sand Leadership Initiative and Stat Oil.

Project management on a key issue

Sometimes companies or NGOs are looking for someone to project manage a key issue or campaign on their behalf.  For example, for the UK Industry Taskforce on Peak Oil & Energy Security I project managed its first report ‘The Oil Crunch – Security the UK’s Energy Future’.  I have also project managed Virgin’s Earth Challenge for several years.

Attending company SD committee meetings as an independent

It has become more common for companies to invite independent sustainability professionals on to their SD committee to meet their own governance requirements.