My corporate expertise

As well as previously working for B&Q, Kingfisher and SABMiller developing their corporate sustainability strategies, Alan has also worked with many corporate clients on a longer term basis as the founder of his consultancy, Single Planet Living. He summarises his past contribution to each of them:

Virgin Group

I was the independent Sustainable Development Advisor for the Group from 2007 until 2012. I helped to create a group-wide co-ordinated approach to sustainable development, including a thorough review of the Group, creating the vision, themes and sectors’ strategy. This led to the publication of the Group’s first corporate responsibility report which won the Best Newcomer and Most Creative Awards at the 2011 Corporate Responsibility Reporting Awards. As highlights I also initiated a sector and industry approach to low carbon aviation, I directed the Earth Challenge (Sir Richard Branson’s $25m prize for scalable, sustainable ways of removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere).


In 2010 I conducted a review of the Quorn SD strategy by speaking to key people within the organisation. Central to this strategy was developing the message that the product is ideal for those seeking a low carbon and healthier diet as well as just being a choice for vegetarians. Together we drafted a company vision and action plan.

Calgary City and the Alberta oil sands industry

I was invited several times to meet oil sands producers and government officials in Alberta. They saw me as someone who could look dispassionately at controversial issues and who would give them robust feedback. In summary my view was that as an industry the key players were defensive and were not accelerating the technology innovation in low carbon and renewable energy of the future. I felt they should be thinking bigger and acting bolder. I recommended that they use the technology and investments they have to be a global player on low carbon technology.

Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership

I worked with the Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership on a collaboration between Kingfisher, Nestle, Olam, Cargill, Volvac and others to debate how business should face up to the emerging issue of the resilience of natural resources and supply chains.

Alan has helped individual companies progress their sustainability thinking:


Over the years I have developed a series of speeches or presentations which entertain as well as inform – ‘a practical, lively and integration of dilemma and solution options’ is one quote which encapsulates the nature of my presentations. I have delivered over 1,000 speeches in over 30 countries.

Single presentations and quick strategic reviews

I have worked with the following organisations: The Coca-Cola Company, Shell, Axa Insurance, StatOil, Lloyds, Barclays, PWC, World Bank, UNDP (Vietnam), Arcelor Mittal, WPP, Signet, General Trading Company, Crest, Furniture Village, Hamleys, DEFRA, Green Business Council and Fortnum and Mason.