Fortune Favours the Brave

Growing media – SGMTF Final Report

ENDS Article April 2013

Article for Guardian – Sustainable Business April 2013

Protecting Bogs and Growers

As Chair of Defra’s sustainable growing media taskforce I was asked to pen my views about the peat and horticulture debate by NFU Horticulture magazine. It was published in the winter 2011 edition.

Defining and developing the corporate sustainability professional – the practitioners’ view

Authored by myself and many other full-time sustainability practitioners, this is the first publication of the Global Association of Corporate Sustainability Officers. It outlines what we think our role is and what our skill set ought be.

A $25 million question

An update on the Virgin Earth Challenge.

Applied Biology

This article in August 2009 is a summation of my narratives on sustainable lifestyles, one planet living and choice editing.

Retail Week article on carbon labels

In this article I query the benefits of carbon labelling and support the focus more on the big carbon hits where most carbon could be saved.  I believe that people can be confused by information that is difficult to interpret and use.

Sustainable lives – What will sustainable lifestyles look like?

This paper was published by the Sustainable Development Commission under my authorship and it summarises the 10 principles of sustainable lifestyles. My narrative on sustainable lifestyles is more detailed.