Rethinking Corporate Sustainability – If only we ran the planet like a shop!

Positive Thoughts to Help Make Sustainable Development Happen in Business

Alan Knight, PhD, OBE
© futureTHINK Press 2012

The dream is a world where every company, every organisation in the world answers this question:

My product’s positive and negative contribution towards helping the world achieve 9 billion sustainable lifestyles by 2050 are…

This pamphlet explains the thinking behind such a dream.


About me: Alan Knight, PhD OBE

Positive Thought One: Sustainability will happen

Positive Thought Two: Celebrate modern lifestyles

Positive Thought Three: More inspiration and action, less guilt and blame

Positive Thought Four: Embrace your best business skills to achieve sustainability

Positive Thought Five: Treat sustainability as a supply chain project

Positive Thought Six: Having a product story you are proud of

Positive Thought Seven: Define your products’ contribution to the 9 billion challenge

Positive Thought Eight: Edit, rather than inform, consumer choice

Positive Thought Nine: Use sustainability to challenge your business model



Rethinking Corporate Sustainability – If Only We Ran the Planet Like a Shop! (374.8 KB)