Southampton City Lecture 2011

I have lived in Southampton for over 20 years and not far from where I live is the dock side from which the Titanic left on its maiden voyage. Captain Smith ignored several warning of icebergs and continued full speed ahead. We know the rest. Only yards away from that historic dock side is the Read More…

Applied Biology

This article in August 2009 is a summation of my narratives on sustainable lifestyles, one planet living and choice editing.

Sustainable lives – What will sustainable lifestyles look like?

This paper was published by the Sustainable Development Commission under my authorship and it summarises the 10 principles of sustainable lifestyles. My narrative on sustainable lifestyles is more detailed.

Fish fight. Or better still, have a conversation.

When I was a kid, fish fingers were our Friday treat. But, if Channel Four’s recent Fish Fight ( is anything to go by, it’s now a moral maze about fish population dynamics, EU quotas, certification, green claims, false green claims and discarded fish. I think I will avoid Fridays altogether. Or, maybe I will Read More…