The oil sands of Alberta

I found out through my work with Virgin that it is impossible for an airline to boycott fuel made from oil sands. This is because sources are mixed and different airports have different suppliers. This means that the ambition of a leading environmental group to boycott Canadian oil sands by the major airlines could not Read More…

Knobs and knockers

We use brass handles all the time, but do we ever notice them? Aligarth is a town north of Delhi and if there is a brass door handle capital of the world, it is there. In the early 1990s my work took me to the sooty basements and cellars of Aligarth where B&Q’s door handles Read More…

Harmony – HRH Prince of Wales gets it right

HRH Prince of Wales, publishes his book on Sustainability. Prince of Wales, U.K., 20XX [tbc]

When the rain comes – villages resilience to floods

How a village floods, changes lives, a princes vision and how a little support can make a huge different. Floods, Prince of Wales, U.K. 2012-2014. [tbc]

Rethinking Corporate Sustainability – If Only We Ran the Planet Like a Shop!

Whaling – the simplest of eco-evil, but a tourist attraction nonetheless

All issue have complexity when you learn the context. Whaling, 1985, Iceland. [tbc]

Fortune Favours the Brave


In April 2014 Alan joined ArcelorMittal, the world’s leading integrated steel and mining company, becoming Corporate Responsibility General Manager. ArcelorMittal is present in more than 60 countries and has an industrial footprint in over 20 of them. The corporate responsibility programme covers environmental performance, social-economic development, responsible sourcing, community, people and transparent governance. More information Read More…

GACSO joins forces with IEMA

The Institute of Environmental Management took over the mantel of the Global Association of Corporate Sustainability Officers in March 2014.  GACSO had been impressed by the strength of IEMA’s membership and its passion and enthusiasm and believed that the two organisations together would have a greater voice in the field of sustainability. IEMA incorporated the Read More…

Honorary Fellowship at the Society for the Environment

In December 2013 Alan was delighted to receive an Honorary Fellowship from the Society for the Environment. SocEnv supports and champions the role of environmental professionals through the Chartered Environmental qualification (CEnv). “I feel extremely honoured to be recognised by such a prestigious organisation,” says Alan, “particularly as I have joined the company of the Read More…